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Whisker City Self Cleaning Litter Box Full Review

Whisker City Self Cleaning Litter Box Full Review

also known as PetSafe Simply Clean Self Cleaning Litter Box

is automatic litter box that stays fresh and clean without scooping

The basically clean self cleaning litter box is a programmed litter box that stays crisp and clean without scooping. The calm, moderate moving transport system continually shift the litter and removes the waste, making one full pivot each hours. Waste is carried away to the secured container keeping it outside of anyone’s ability to see while reducing smell! all you need is bunching litter and reused packs for a quick, sterile cleanup. 


  • continuously cleans without bother your cat.
  • No scooping important.
  • Reduces odor and keeps waste outside of anyone’s ability to see.
  • Quiet and simple to utilize.
  • Waste reservoir can be fixed with reused packs or nothing at all for an eco friendly clean up


Product Details

Aditional Features
Contains BPA: No
Dry Content Compatible: Yes
Lockable Lid: No
Removable Lid: No
Sealing Lid: No
Wet Content Comp: Yes

Item Dimensions
Item Height: 10 IN
Item Length: 25.75 IN
Item Width: 18.75 IN

The innovative, Whisker City Self Cleaning Litter Box system is both economically and environmentally friendly.

No extra assistants to routinely buy or expected to keep up the PetSafe Simply Clean Litter Box System. Helpfully utilize straightforward reused staple packs to line the waste repository for a quick and moderate cleanup.

Obviously, the unit isn’t just simple on your wallet and the planet; it’s likewise simple on you and your most loved cat.

No Scooping, No Odor, No Mess.You’ll spare valuable time with our programmed Simply Clean litter box framework and your feline will be very satisfied with the “new and prepared” litter box that is no longer reliant on your calendar. So whisper-calm, you’ll be enticed to put your finger on the edge of the bowl just to ensure it’s really working.

There are no noticeable moving parts to catch paws or tails – or to trouble your feline when he’s utilizing the unit

How It Works

Fill the Simply Clean litter box with bunching, dirt litter. For best outcomes, make sure to fill the bowl the distance to the checked fill line.

The slow-moving dish constantly turns, making one full rotation for every hour.

The waste advances toward the transport and is taken away to the covered waste container. 

Removed the waste container as expected to discard any waste. You can utilize any little pack as a liner for a significantly simpler cleanup!




Very easy setup and operation


No contact with dirty litter and uses self clumping clay litter


Can use for multiple cats


Processes waste every hour insuring a clean litter box


Very quiet cleaning process




Large size


Not include litter training mat


Slow moving system

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This Auto feline box is a great unit for cat owners requiring a speedy and shrewd answer for their litter box issues. There is no requirement for extra connections or supplies like a portion of the other self cleaning litter boxes available.

When putting the petsafe litter box under a magnifying glass with my own pet I saw instantly that the unit is exceptionally successful in its cleaning schedules, ensuring the litter was completely cleaned for my felines next utilize.

That being said I had a little issue with the speed of the cleaning procedure, it takes around 30 minutes to finish the whole hourly cleaning cycle which to me, is somewhat long. However Whisker City Self Cleaning Litter Box also known as the PetSafe self cleaning litter box completes it and I have seen incredible outcomes up until this point.

Simply Clean Automatic Litter Box Tips

1. Try to keep litter at the fill line marked in the bowl. Using too little or too much litter can cause issues with the bowl motor. Don’t forget to only use clumping, clay cat litter.

2. Routine general cleaning is highly recommended to keep Simply Clean operating its best.

3. Make sure the tab on the litter guard is secured under the conveyor. If not, it can cause a popping sound.

4. Simply Clean is best suited for cats 15 pounds or less.

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