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PetZone Smart Scoop Litter Box Self-Cleaning Full Review

PetZone Smart Scoop Litter Box Self-Cleaning Full Review

SmartScoop Self-Scooping Litter Box wipes out scent, the requirement for day by day scooping and the need to touch a grimy litter box! Streamline your life: it spares you time, spares you cash and is anything but difficult to clean.

Each SmartScoop Self-Scooping Litter Box bundle incorporates a 6-months supply of all that you will need*: 24 No-Touch Waste Bags, 6 Activated Carbon Filters, a Litter Catching Ramp and a Litter Catching Mat.

SmartScoop is movement enacted so once the feline leaves the litter box, an inward clock will tally down for 15 minutes, taking into account the amassing procedure to happen. The waste unit will then move, raking the cluster forward and into the waste plate. The waste unit will then come back to its unique position for whenever the feline uses the litter box.

For a solitary feline home, it is prescribed to change the No-Touch Waste Bags once per week and Activated Carbon channel once per month. For a multi-feline home, change the sack and channel all the more every now and again.

Litter appeared in picture is excluded with item. Any clustering litter might be utilized with SmartScoop Self-Scooping Litter Box. Protection Cover is sold independently.


  • Smart sensor for activated enactment of cleaning cycle
  • Easier to work and keep up than the opposition
  • Substantial usable litter region, ideal for one cat  or multiple cat (litter territory is 14″ w x 16″ d)
  • Unit measures 18.25″ w x 25.5″ d x 7.5″ h
  • Litter mat measures 14 X 12 X 1
  • Utilizes a single assembly engine unit and waste reservoir
  • Heavy duty and simple to-clean litter container
  • Modern and clean appearance
  • Works with your most loved clustering litter; no compelling reason to purchase expensive, unique litter
  • 1-year guarantee from date of procurement


Product Details

The Pet Zone Smart Scoop Automatic Litter Box has dimensions of 25.5″ L x 18.25″ W x 7.6″ H. The litter area is large at 16″ L X 14″ W. The unit weighs a little over 9 lbs.

What’s in the box?

  • One SmartScoop Automatic Litter Box
  • One carbon filter
  • Six no-touch waste bags
  • A one-year manufacturer’s warranty

How does it work?

After the underlying utilization of the litter compartment, the Smart Scoop uses a postpone time of 15 minutes before the self cleaning procedure is locked in for cleaning.

The 15 minute deferral empowers the clustering litter to shape bunches from any waste left by your feline, the 15 minute postponement additionally has an essential impact in protecting your feline from re-entering the litter box amid the deferral or cleaning process.

The Smart Scoop self cleaning litter framework is planned such that if your feline does re-enter the feline box amid the deferral or cleaning cycle the unit will consequently kill the operation and reset its postpone clock for the following 15 minute cycle once your feline has left the litter trey region.

The litter rake is then connected with to gather up the waste clusters, once the rake compasses to the finish of the opposite side of the waste box, in an upward movement the rake scoops all the litter got in the rake into the waste compartment.

The rake then comes back to its stationary position while at the same time smoothing out the litter region for the following use.




Very easy setup and operation


Keeps the litter box so fresh and so clean all the time


Works with any clumping litter (better odor control)


Easy to dispose of the waste


Much quieter than other automated litter box solutions




Rake often misses clumps at the bottom


Clumps sometimes end up in the corners and are a mess to clean


Has trouble separating the waste from kittens – must be cleaned manually until the cats mature


Carbon filter is not long lasting


Waste not equal distributed in the compartment and can get clogged

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Pet Zone Smart Scoop Automatic Cat Litter Box is a strong decision, particularly for feline proprietors hoping to limit their touching of waste or day by day scoring. The unit acts as publicized and keeps the litter box crisp at all circumstances. High side dividers guarantee the litter remains inside the container.

This unit is not upkeep free. You should scoop once in a while and check to ensure everything is running appropriately now and again. The unit functions admirably for outings of two to four day. In case you’re reliably away for longer than four days on end – this is not your unit. You might need to investigate our self cleaning litter box audits for another decision. The gadget is bad for little cats, either.

Pet Zone sparkles with multi-feline family unit and expansive breed felines. The gadget will work for felines of any size, yet the overwhelming obligation development and size fit enormous felines. By utilizing an amazing bunching feline litter – you can maintain a strategic distance from a large portion of the issues this unit may confront.

Generally speaking, the Pet Zone Smart Scoop Automatic Cat Litter Box is an awesome alternative for some feline proprietors hoping to scoop and notice somewhat less.

Recommend the unit to:

Understand that this unit will require scooping every so often. This is particularly valid in the event that you have a huge breed feline with a dynamic bladder.

This reality can be nullified a bit by utilizing a brilliant clustering feline litter. Too, you will require a not too bad measure of space for this unit.

The Pet Zone Smart Scoop Automatic Litter Box is bigger than the normal programmed box.

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