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Littermaid Classic Mega Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box Full Reviews

Littermaid Classic Mega Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box Full Reviews

Your feline’s litter can now be perfect throughout the day, regular with the LitterMaid® Classic Mega Self-Cleaning Automatic Litter Box! With an additional substantial bowl, this litter box is perfect for multi-feline families and can hold half more litter than the essential Classic, however don’t stress! Litter is contained inside the container by high side dividers and a paw-cleaning incline that keeps your kitty from following litter all through the house. In the interim, grimy litter is expeditiously gathered up and stored in a contained waste repository, where smells are consumed via carbon channels. Your lone employment? Supplant the containers and litter when you pick!

The LitterMaid 980 Multi-Cat Self-Cleaning Litter Box is a clean and solid approach to contain cat squander. It highlights movement identifying sensors and a removable rake. Tall side dividers shield your floor from any splash, while the finished off-ramp expels any stray deposit from the base of paws. Intended to oblige up to two felines, this high-limit two-feline litter box accompanies carbon channels. It make a perfect present for companions with felines.

LitterMaid 980 Multi-Cat Self-Cleaning Litter Box:

  • Designed for up to 2 cats
  • Holds 50% more litter
  • Higher side walls
  • Self-cleaning with a removable rake
  • LitterMaid litter box is easy to use


  • wall design
  • Automated rake scooping design
  • Anti Litter Trailing paw cleaning Ramp
  • Safety Bar
  • Dual setup capabilities in Automatic and Manual modes
  • Spacious waste container that can hold 60% more litter than other cat boxes.
  • 4x Waste receptacles
  • 4x Carbon Filters
  • Caters to multiple cats
  • Uses clumping clay litter for easy automated cleaning



Pet Type
Litter Boxes
Container Type
Pet Size
Medium (26-50 lbs)
Animal Type
Assembled Product Weight
16.1 lb
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)
28.00 x 9.80 x 17.70 Inches


How does it work?

All Self-cleaning litter boxes utilize comparative ideas of gathering the waste and keeping it into a fixed compartment. The proprietor should purge the compartment each few days and discard the waste physically (aside from CatGeanie that associates specifically to the sewage and disposes of any manual support). While the gathering system changes between models (perusing, raking or tilting), the result is indistinguishable – a spotless and crisp box.

After the 10 minute postpone period the rake is then connected with for the self cleaning cycle, the rake goes through the litter and gets all the waste clusters in its tracks.

Once the rake has achieved the flip side of the feline dish the waste repository opens and the waste is arranged as needs be, leaving no hints of filthy litter and waste in the waste box, keeping everything clean for the following use.




Programmed rake scooping usefulness.


Simple expelling of rake for simple cleaning.


10 minute postpone time before cleaning cycle. 


Accompanies litter slope to clean the paws of the feline leaving the feline box to avert litter trailing.


This LitterMAID LM980 is a greater outline to take into account bigger felines. 


Firmly fixed waste repository and carbon channels to wipe out smell in its tracks




Waste can get stuck in the rake which would need manual support. 


The LitterMaid LM980 Mega needs premium mud clustering litter or it dosnt handle delicate dung well.


The waste stockpiling holder is somewhat little so it requires day by day cleaning for more than 2 felines.


litter compartment profundity is insufficient to put the prescribed 2-3 crawls of litter. 


The mechanism noise is pretty loud.

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This is a decent arrangement on the off chance that you need an additional assistance in scooping your feline litter box every day, except in the event that you are pondering dispensing with your physical contact with feline litter and waste, i don’t prescribed you to get it.

the unit is a well made and simple to utilize, it disposes of scent as guaranteed and makes life somewhat simpler to deal with a feline skillet.

Its maybe not a totally sans hands, non-scooping arrangement anyway it performs exceptionally well at the moderate cost it begins at.

The main issues i had with the litter box is the manuals, they are not as clear as what you may expect and the unit is somewhat difficult to set up on the off chance that you don’t have the instructional video as the unit accompanies a ton of pieces to collect.

With everything taken into account i think the unit performs well at the cost extend, that being said its absolutely not the best programmed feline container available anyway it is a value for your money.

Recommend the unit to:

  • Felines owners who are occupied with buys their first self cleaning litter container.
  • Owners searching for an answer that stays aware of steady support of their felines litter box with no much bother.
  • Owners who claim different felines.
  • Searching for a moderate arrangement.
  • Owners troubled by feline odor.waste box

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