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6 Good Reasons to Buy a Cat Litter Box Cover

What’s up with a litter box cover, you ask. A litter box cover is, well, a paradise sent clever cover for your cat’s litter box. Regularly made of wicker, rattan, or comparable materials, the cover can be your brief feline townhouse, a great rooftop over your feline’s restroom. No, they’re not quite recently some gimmicky …

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Self Cleaning Litter Box for Multiple Cats

  Why Multiple Cats Need Multiple Litter Boxes Hopefully these tips will help keep your cats happy and healthy and make having a home with multiple cats feel like a dream again. By NICK JOHNSON Once in a while I have a fantasy I am surrounded by felines. Cushioned, delightful kitties all over the place! Be …

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Should You Get an Automatic Cat Litter Box?

  Automatic Cat Litter Boxes – Not Too Good to Be True, Too Good Not to Use Nick Johnson recommends using automatic cat litter boxes to keep your house smelling fresh and clean.   By NICK JOHNSON cat owners are continually searching for approaches to upgrade the techniques used to make life more comfortable for their …

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