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cat litter box privacy screen

cat litter box privacy screen

article title : cat litter box privacy screen 

Purchasing the Right Litter Box For Your Cat

Everyone knows that a litter box is an essential item for any cat owner but little is well known of the fact that your choice of a litter box can affect your cat’s tendencies towards the utilization of its kitty container. Choose the one that is never to your cat’s preference and you wrap up witnessing your kitty preventing the use than it totally. It could choose to pee and poo everywhere you go else except in its kitty pack.


There are various types of kitty box available. They come in a variety of sizes and designs. Here are some things to consider when choosing your kitty litter box.

1 Hood or Unhooded.

There are specific benefits and drawbacks in using each one and it quite definitely depends on your cats personality. The hooded ones are good for timid cats whereby it offers some privacy for the kids. It’s also neater and helps to keep litter checking to the very least. However, the dust and odor stuck within the covered box may be offensive to some cats.

The unhooded box, on the other hand provides more space for the kitty to stand and turn around freely. And this is definitely an improved choice for very young and aged cats being that they are more accessible.


2 Size of the Litter box

The sizeof your kitty container is vital. It’s very common for people to choose a kitty litter box that is too small. The larger the box, the more inviting it will be to your kitten. The more inviting the kitty box is to the cat, the more apt he will be to utilize it. So, always pick the largest field that your liveable space can accommodate.


3 Depth of the Litter Box

Too high a depth may deter you young kittens or old pet cat with joint disease from using it. Too shallow a pack may wrap up having the feline litter being disperse all over when your kitten scuff marks the litter. So choose a shallow depth container (about 3 ins) for kittens and keep the deeper varieties for your adult cats (6 inches)


4 Material Type

Cats don’t seem to have a lot of a desire on the materials type. They adapt pretty well on vinyl as well as metallic bins. The plastic material ones are usually cheaper and they’re easier to take care of and cleaned. However, plastic tend to take up the urine odor entirely after some time no amount of cleansing can remove the smell. So more substitution may be necessary.

The Differences Between Manual and Automatic Cat Litter Boxes

You can find two types of cat litter boxes: manual and automatic. Both of these categories reference different cleaning methods. Automatic boxes are, because the name suggests, self-cleaning, whereas manual ones require user labor. Automatic boxes tend to be more expensive than manual boxes but require much less user effort.

These two categories aren’t a firmly divided as you might think. There’s an extensive ranging spectrum in both automatic boxes and manual boxes. The surface of the line automatic litter boxes, such as the Litter Robot, are completely self sufficient and will flush the waste by itself. Other automatic boxes are merely mechanized versions of top-of-the-line manual boxes.

cat litter box privacy screen

Manual boxes have a wide range as well. Old fashioned manual boxes were only a plastic tray full of litter. These trays were messy and required lots of effort on the part of the cat owner. They required scooping waste and dumping the litter. This process was messy and unsanitary and often triggered disastrous cat litter spills. Believe me, there’s nothing worse than a litter box cleaning gone bad.

Higher level manual boxes have intricate raking systems and interchangeable trays. Several systems resemble automatic systems, with the only difference being that the mechanized cleaning systems are powered by a human hand and not really a battery. For the frugal pet owner, these high end manual ones are a great way to boost sanitation and ease of use without spending hundreds of dollars.

Litter boxes have come a considerable ways since their origins as glorified sand boxes. Something to keep in mind is that quality litter is simply as important as a quality litter box, especially for odor control. Perform a quick search on the Internet and you is going to be surprised at the incredible deals you’ll find on cat litter boxes.

Top 3 Reasons to Use a Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box

Maybe you have heard of a self cleaning cat litter box but have wondered if they are effective or simply a bunch of hype. The truth is, these litter boxes have sufficient advantages over traditional litter box pans. They can keep your environment healthier and save time too. In the event that you have ever pondered regarding these litter loving gadgets, here are the top three reasons to consider getting one for your furry friend.

Cause #3 – It’s More healthy

Most models of self cleaning litter boxes clean the pan around the clock automatically. This frequent cleaning makes it less likely that unhealthy bacteria will develop in the pan. In ordinary cat containers, the bacteria can develop and get on kitty’s paws and then be tracked through the house. That is not healthy for dog or cat or owner. While keeping the cat litter box clean is your best defense, unless of course you are home all of the time, it’s next to impossible to keep the pan waste material free. A robotic litter box is a perfect solution and healthier for dog or cat and owner alike.


Reason #2 – It’s Significantly less Stinky

Let’s face it, a litter box can become ripe with smell rather quickly, especially in hot or humid weather. These foul odors are unpleasant for humans and may even discourage pet from using the box. The continuous maintenance and scooping that a do it yourself cleaning cat box provides makes a significant influence on odor control. Most models scoop waste in to a sealed unit, trapping the odor and keeping the actual pan smelling fresh. For people who work long hours or take short weekend outings, you can look froward to coming home to a house that doesn’t smell such as an used litter box.


Reason #1 – Is actually a Huge Time Savings

Who likes to scoop the litter box anyway? Not I and not anyone else inside my household. If the chore for cleaning up after kitty sends everyone running in the other direction, a self cleaning cat litter box may just change that. Most models require occasional maintenance which contains emptying the waste pan and nothing more. Where as scooping can take some needs to be done daily if you have multiple pet cats, cleaning an programmed kitten box is fast and simple. So quick and easy in fact that you might just find that others will be more willing you are not selected for the chore.

No matter what reason you find most compelling, investing in a self cleaning litter box for your pet can make a remarkable difference in your home. This is one of those devices that have you wondering how you ever managed without it.

Tips to Plan Your Cat’s Litter Box Area

Will there be anything more serious that having a guest enter into your home and instantly say “Oh, you have a cat?” Plus the feline is nowhere to be seen? Oops. That’s a good signal you may not be keeping the kitty litter box as clean as possible.

We’ve 5 cats and people who visit our home for the very first time are always SURPRISED when they see. Having experienced cats for over 25 years, I’ve attempted just about everything to help make the job of feline care easier. Here are seven of my best organizing techniques for keeping the litter boxes clean and the home smelling fresh with as little commitment as possible.

  1. Avoid placing the litter box in your own bathroom unless you absolutely have to! The litter gets all over the place. If you have to keep it there, get a completely enclosed kitty litter box with an beginning for the cat to walk through. They will track litter outside the box though. So that brings about my next tip.
  2. Where I’ve found to keep the litter box is at a small closet with cleaning resources, or within an infrequently used section of the house. When there is a door, be sure to keep carefully the door cracked wide open. Placing a long item like a roll of surprise cover or shelf newspaper using one of the cabinets is effective to keep the door from being accidentally closed. If the region is carpeted, range it with vinyl or vinyl fabric carpet liner. Or even better, remove the carpet if possible. Try to get a kitty litter box that has high wall space and a dome or cover.
  3. Keep a portable vacuum handy to clean the area around the box frequently. Store the vacuum on a shelf or hang up it over a wall in the wardrobe. Consider keeping an extra set of electric batteries and charger convenient as well.
  4. Fill your container 50 percent full with litter. One of the most typical flaws people make is not using enough litter in the package. Cat’s like a very clean package, if there is not enough litter, they may go outside the box. And if indeed they use the box without enough litter, it will smell worse.
  5. Scoop often. Make the job easier by keeping a huge scooper hanging close to the pack. Consider keeping a diaper genie useful for disposing of the litter. Keeping a food bag holder close by also is a major help. Each day, scoop your pet throw away into a handbag, double tote it, link it up airtight and put it in a covered trash box or a diaper genie.
  6. Keep a move of paper bath towels and spray cleaner close to the litter box. Whether it’s in a wardrobe, use a paper towel holder that screws into the door and suspend the paper towels within the entranceway. Or get a container of pop-up wipes. I take advantage of the wipes to completely clean the floor throughout the kitty litter box as well as to place clean the genuine kitty litter box between cleanings.
  7. Empty the field completely once a month. Dump the litter into one of your helpful grocery bags. Use your paper bath towels or a throw-away pop-up cleaning product such as Clorox Wipes useful to completely clean the litter box and the encompassing floor. If you are done, chuck the bath towels or wipes along with the litter, link the tote up restricted and dump it in the trash!

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