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Cat Genie vs Litter Robot Automatic Cat Litter Box

Cat Genie vs Litter Robot Automatic Cat Litter Box

Which One the Best Cat Genie or Litter Robot?

Cat Genie vs Litter Robot ,it is no mystery why people pay a few hundred dollars for an automatic litter box. Scooping and cleaning a cat box is pretty gross, especially with more than one cat in a house. There have been a lot of automatic litter boxes made over the past decade, but many of them did not garner great reviews. Some were unsafe and noisy or they were more trouble than they were worth. Two of the more recent models have been great sellers in the pet supply market, however. Both Litter Robot reviews and the Cat Genie ratings are quite positive.


The Litter Robot really looks like a small robot with a spherical head. The dome top has an entrance for the cat above a little step that will activate the device. The dome is filled with regular clumping litter, and this is where the kitty will do his “business”. Underneath is a tray lined with an ordinary kitchen trash bag. After the cat is done, Litter Robot sifts out the clumps and solid waste and deposits this into the bottom tray.

The Cat Genie is a little more complicated in design. It looks a lot like a little toilet, only the bowl is filled with special granules instead of standard kitty litter. The cat uses the granules as usual, then the toilet “flushes” itself on a seven minute cycle. There is an automatic scoop that removes solid waste, and the urine filters through the granules to the disposal tray underneath. The flushing action also cleans the bowl with a solution contained in a special cartridge.

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The Cat Genie is an interesting concept. It uses special cat litter that is washable. The unit connects to plumbing in your home. After the cat completes his business, water enters the litter area, the litter is washed and solid waste is pushed through a grinder before exiting the unit to the sewer. The cat gets his own toilet, literally. Now for the down side. Just like a toilet, the Cat Genie’s grinding mechanism can clog. This is very disgusting to clean out. Another down side is the special litter and sani solution for washing the litter.

The Litter-Robot II has an ingenious design. A removable globe sits atop a base having a very large removable drawer. Inside the globe is a sturdy, heavy duty filter that sifts litter from waste as the globe rotates. A trap door rotates around until it reaches the bottom. The waste reliably falls through the trap door to the waste drawer below, that is lined with any type of plastic bag. A cat sensor detects the presence of the cat. There is a timer that does not start the globe rotating until 7 minutes after the cat is gone. This also allows the clumps to solidify, enabling extremely reliable performance. The cat sensor also detects if the cat comes back while the globe is rotating. The globe stops for 15 seconds.



  • Never Scoop Litter Again. The patented sifting process automatically separates the waste from the clean litter.
  • Self-Cleaning A cleaning cycle will start automatically once your cat exits the unit.
  • Great for Multiple Cats. The self-cleaning process provides each cat a clean bed of litter every time.
  • Reduce Odor. Waste is deposited into a carbon filter drawer reducing litterbox odors.
  • Empty Notification. A notification will let you know when it’s time to empty the waste drawer.


  • Automatic cat box flushes waste away and washes itself clean
  • Uses litter-like Washable Granules not clay litter to satisfy cats need to dig and cover
  • Ideal for 1-2 & no more than 3 cats of average size and 6 months or older
  • Requires hookup to cold water and electrical outlet
  • Includes recyclable SaniSolution cartridge and 1 Box of Washable Granules. CatGenie is 19″ wide in front, 16″ wide bottom back, 17″ top back, 21″ high, 24″ deep allowing for hoses. Water Supply Hose 8′ long, Drain Hose 10′ long



Cons of the Cat Genie

  • Does not work properly if cat defecates soft feces (may get stuck in the device and cause a strong odor)
  • System can clogged from time to time, requiring a thorough cleaning
  • Reusable litter does not absorb litter box odor
  • Loud when performing a cleaning cycle (cleaning cycles take 34 minutes to complete)

Cons of the Litter Robot

  • Large size
  • Not suitable for cats over 15 pounds
  • Has trouble separating the waste from kittens – must be cleaned manually until the cats mature
  • Waste receptacle is not airtight
  • Electronic control panel is not waterproof (should be covered with plastic film as a precaution)

Cat Genie vs Litter Robot Final Results

Article source : allhomerobotics.com

Both of these automated litter box solutions are an effective option for cat owners who are sick of cleaning dirty cat litter but which of these two options is best for you and your cat(s) depends on a few factors.

First, some cats will prefer one unit over the other. Unfortunately, there is no way to know which of these units your cat will prefer without actually trying them. The additional work required to set up the Cat Genie properly may be a turn off to some cat owners and depending on where the litter box is normally located, water and drainage lines may need to be installed. The Litter Robot only needs a power outlet to operate and the fact that it relies on regular litter makes it easier to maintain over time.

Neither of these devices is cheap but the money spent now will save you from the hassles and headaches of cleaning the litter box constantly and in some cases, you can even save money over the lifetime of the unit. Give one a try and see how easy maintaining the litter box can be with a little help from home automation technology.

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