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cat figurine shelf sitter

cat figurine shelf sitter

For Felines, Being High Is Good

cat figurine shelf sitter -Cats need to climb and be in high places; here are explanations why and ways to make pet cat shelf vertical territory.

Cats view their environment from a different point of view than people do. Most humans prefer to navigate the globe with both toes firmly planted on the ground. Cats, on the other side, often prefer checking out their environment from a high vantage point.

Climbing, jumping, and napping up high are not simply random feel-good habit. The need to be up high is instinctual. It could change human relationships between cats and raise the odds of survival. Feline parents should accommodate this basic need by giving their resident kitties with vertical place — high places they can hang out on.

Cat shelves are a kind of cat furniture that delivers cats with vertical space. Pet cats love climbing and getting high above everyone in the area, and cat shelves are a convenient way to let your feline climb and sleeping on a high perch. To set up your shelves, figure out where you want to put them, decide if you want commercial cat shelves or to make them yourselves, choose the design you want for the cabinets on the wall, and attach the racks to the wall membrane.

The Sophisticated Feline Lotus Leaf Feline Shelf

cat figurine shelf sitter

The Lotus Leaf Feline Shelf offers a perfect place off the bottom for your pet cat to curl into. The curved design will get your feline in as an excellent location to perch, when you appreciate the aesthetic design along your wall structure.

Your cat can feel secure in this sturdy shelf, made out of solid wood and bent ply.

An appropriate Berber carpet (or faux hair for white release) lines the shelf which if worn, can be replaceable. Place multiple cabinets together or blend and match with complementary products including the Lotus Branch Cat Shelf and the Lotus Cat Tower to build the perfect room for you and your cat to talk about.

The Lotus Leaf Cat Shelf in the Refined Feline provides a perfect place off the bottom, for your cat to curl into. The curved design will bring your feline in as an ideal location to perch, while you appreciate the visual design along your wall.

Your cat can feel secure in this strong shelf, made out of solid wood and bent ply. An appropriate Berber carpet lines the shelf which if worn, can be replaceable. Place multiple cabinets together or blend and match with complementary products such as the Lotus Branch Feline Shelf and the Lotus Pet cat Tower to make the perfect room for you as well as your cat to share.


– 22″ long and 10.5″ deep.
– Made of a combination of wood and bent ply.
– Wall set up hardware and screw drivers included.
– Openings 16″ apart for wall beam installation.
– Comfortable Berber carpet replaceable if worn.

What They Say

My cat loves these shelves! They are attractive and participate in the d?cor beautifully. I’ve the off-white ones and our surfaces are off-white, so they are very subtle. Our pet cat can sit up high and peer down on us while we boogey around the house! These were easy to set up, which is good because we are not really handy. We intend to get several more for other rooms.

We acquired these to permit our cat access to a pot shelf. Really the only down side upon this is that my studs are 24″ on centre instead of the usual so this had not been long enough (on the short shelf) to be fastened on both attributes to studs but we will keep an eye on it to make sure it does not come loose. The product quality is good and I love that the rug can be changed if it gets too ratty. In addition, it came with plastic material addresses for the screws but we like the appearance of the brass screws with no covers. ~Dana

Beautiful shelf, very strong and easy to install. Initially put it up as a step towards higher up racks (the metal ones from the same owner), they enjoy it so much that they sleeping on it. The curve has all kinds of unforeseen benefits; it makes it stay against the wall better, it makes it easier to bounce to, and it helps to protect against dropping when curled up in the centre. ~Martie Brown

Great quality, easy to install and even came with a nice screwdriver. The price was high, but it was worthwhile. The screw locations are meant to be directly located on studs and it’s very firmly installed. It had taken a couple hours for my pet cats to try it out after I helped to cause them to it, however now it’s occupied by way of a feline almost 24/7. I’ve experienced it for a couple weeks and it’s really still a major hit with the kitties – and it looks very nice (not your typical pet cat furniture look) Hoping to buy the much larger shelf or feline tree in the future.~Amber



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