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Buy CatGenie Automatic Self Cleaning Litter Boxes in Clarendon, SC-USA

Buy CatGenie Automatic Self Cleaning Litter Boxes in Clarendon, SC-USA

Buy CatGenie Automatic Self Cleaning Litter Boxes in Clarendon, SC-USA
. Sometimes, the great dog person versus cat person argument sparks up. You might hear a couple on opposite sides of the issue point out the particular difficulties of buying one within the other. Cat people will most likely point to the fact that canines require you to decide on up their waste whenever they go. As a pet owner, I acknowledge, it’s not the most fun part of dog ownership.

Buy CatGenie Automatic Self Cleaning Litter Boxes in Clarendon, SC-USAStill, cat owners know that the most severe part of getting cats as pets is dealing with the litter boxes. Even with only one cat, the litter boxes needs attention minimal once a week. In the interim, surfers to your home can find the occurrence of a litter boxes long before your cat kid has made an appearance to state hello. The strong smells and generally unpleasant business for cleaning a litter boxes will keep many people from considering a cat.

To never worry. Auto or low maintenance litter boxes are out there to make your life with Fluffy as easy as can be. They come in a variety of styles and cleaning strategies so you can pick the version that works perfect for your lifestyle.

Automatic Self Cleaning Litter Boxes

Video Buy CatGenie Automatic Self Cleaning Litter Boxes in Clarendon, SC-USA

This kind of style of low maintenance litter boxes uses an electricity source to automatically remove clumps and waste from the. These units generally work autonomously for up to a week without the intervention from you. They’re advanced style of litter boxes and usually simply need you to empty a waste compartment or add more litter every so often. They’re certainly much pricier than a simple covered litter boxes, but might save you from the dreadful experience of having to interact with filthy litter.

Buy CatGenie Automatic Self Cleaning Litter Boxes in Clarendon, SC-USA

The CatGenie is the first self cleaning litter boxes I can bear in mind hearing about. It’s among the more expensive options, but almost certainly has the most advanced way of getting rid of kitty waste. The CatGenie uses so-called Washable Granules in place of litter. These types of granules are permanent, so rather than changing them out when they’re grubby, the system uses a cold water hook up to wash them and liquify the waste for disposal in a drain or toilet. The machine then heats and dries the granules so they’re looking forward to the next use. It’s a very advanced system that requires the particular addition of SaniSolution every so many washes.

This does indeed require both a cold water line and a drain or toilet in addition to an wall socket to work. If you really hate cleaning the litter boxes, this is the key that means you never have to clear almost any waste storage inner compartment. You can even get a dome cover for it to offer your kitty more privacy or aspect walls to prevent grain loss due to rooting.


Nothing to clean or empty
Fully automated
Integrates with bathroom or laundry room to remove squander
Washable Granules are permanent, saving money on litter


Requires a cold water series
Each CatGenie is merely good for 1-2 cats
Washing cycle takes 30 minutes

Maintenance CatGenie Automatic Self Cleaning Litter Boxes


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