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Before Find the Best Automatic Litter Box for Multiple Cats, You Should Know

Before Find the Best Automatic Litter Box for Multiple Cats, You Should Know

Choosing the Best Automatic Litter Box for Multiple Cats can sometimes seem as difficult as picking out the perfect pet. There are so many boxes on the market that it’s difficult to know where to start. It’s best to start by picking one that’s easy to clean, then determine your needs by the type of litter you will use, how many cats you own, and what your budget for the box will be.

The perfect litter box would be invisible. Your cat would disappear into it and then reappear perfectly clean and content. read more

Cats, unlike dogs, are not pack animals. Even if they are siblings from the same litter, there will be times when each kitty wants her own space. read more

Why you not use manual cat litter box?  read more

Automatic litter boxes can be both good and bad for your cat. So before spending a lot of money for one you need to consider several factors.

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  • Littermaid LM980
  • Petsafe Simply Cleaning
  • Cat Genie
  • Petsafe ScoopeFree

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1. What Type Of Litter Box Should Be Used?

The perfect litter box would be invisible. Your cat would disappear into it and then reappear perfectly clean and content. There would be no odor. No litter to freshen or replace. In fact, no maintenance of any kind, ever. Whatever built-in cleaning mechanisms like manual, self cleaning  or automatic  make waste removal easier and extend the life of litter.

the jumbo plastic box that is scooped manually twice a day.  It provides a lot of space for your cat to move around in, and provides the most direct connection with nature or an automatic one would save a lot of time and hassle – especially when we travel or come home late from work. On the other hand, I just wasn’t too sure about which ones were good.

You can lead a cat to the perfect litter box, but can you make her use it?

Even provided the perfect litter box, your cat, or cats, might prove to be fussy about its use. You need to select a size and style she will use today. And you need to be flexible should she change her mind tomorrow. As your cat goes through the stages of her life, her preferences, as well as her ability to use the litter box, may also change.

Top reasons for a cat to stop using the litter box:

Source: http://catinfo.org/the-litter-box-from-your-cats-point-of-view

  • Dirty litter box(es)
  • Poor choice of litter form (using pellets/crystals/non-clumping litter which are uncomfortable to walk on and do not allow for complete urine removal)
  • Poor location of litter box(es)
  • Blocked from the box by a dominant feline housemate
  • Unable to relax and get to the box, or use it, due to fear of a strange human, dog, active child, loud noise, etc., in the house environment.
  • Box size is too small
  • Too few boxes

2. How Many Litter Boxes Do I Need?

Cats, unlike dogs, are not pack animals. Even if they are siblings from the same litter, there will be times when each kitty wants her own space. And when they are doing something as private as elimination, sharing the same litter box can be stressful for some cats. Ideally, a multi-cat household should have the same number of litter boxes as the number of cats, plus one extra box; in other words, for two cats, there should be three litter boxes.

Jackson Galaxy, cat behaviorist and star of Animal Planet’s My Cat From Hell, says litter box issues are one of the top three reasons cat parents hire him. (Read our interview: Cat from Hell Star Reveals the Top 3 Cat Complaints.) But for multi-cat households, the solution can be as simple as having the right number of litter boxes. “The rule of thumb is one litter box per cat, plus one extra,” Galaxy says.

The cat-to-litter box ratio

As a cat foster mom, I recommend that new adopters have at least 1.5 litter boxes per cat. So if you have one cat, you need two litter boxes; two cats, three litter boxes.


3. Why An Automatic Litter Box is a good idea

Why you not use manual cat litter box?

There are two types of cat litter boxes: manual and automatic. These two categories refer to different cleaning methods. Automatic boxes are, as the name suggests, self-cleaning, whereas manual ones require user labor. Automatic boxes are often more expensive than manual boxes but require far less user effort.

Whatever your reason may be, you may find yourself a bit overwhelmed with all the litter box choices.

“Which is the best, the least expensive, will it last?”… are some questions that might concern you.

They certainly are valid since the average self cleaning litter box costs around $80-100! Yikes…. So how do you choose one that your cats will like?

First, you’ll need to decide a few things:

  • Do you want the freedom to use your favorite litter or change it whenever you find a sale?
  • Is your cat picky about using a particular type of litter?
  • Are you okay with buying refill cartridges every month?
  • Are you aware that even though the boxes are automatic they still need routine maintenance such as cleaning or replacing cartridges?

why want to buy automatic cat litter?

If you are tired of cleaning kitten litters, why not use one of those self cleaning litter boxes. There is a variety of electric litter box styles available online where you can choose one that suits your preferences.

You may also find automatic litter box comparison pages if you are interested in more detail as to why these litter boxes are causing a buzz amongst consumers.

An automatic cat litter offers great convenience to cat owners. It will automatically scoop up the used litter after your cat uses the litter box. A good point is the wide range of modern designs available. There are many different sizes of automatic cat litter boxes. Some are open, while others are enclosed. 

5 Things to Consider Before Buying Best Automatic Litter Box for Multiple Cats

source : here


  • You Don’t Have to Clean Litter Boxes AnymoreThe first and most important benefit of an automatic cat litter box is that your litter box cleaning days are (mostly) over.
  • Odor Isn’t an Issue AnymoreNobody likes smelling nasty cat poop odors around the house. Automatic litter boxes are a guaranteed way to cut down on odors – especially if you have trouble keeping up with cleaning the litter box, or if you have multiple cats.
  • It’s Easier to Leave your Cat at HomeAnother benefit of automatic litter boxes is that it’s easier to travel away. When you combine an automatic litter box with an automatic cat feeder and water fountain, you can safely leave your cat at home for extended periods of time


  • You Still Have to Handle Cat PoopAn automatic litter box isn’t fully  These litter boxes deposit cat poop into a bin. You line that bin with a bag, then remove the bag when it’s full. Obviously, this is still easier than scooping every day.
  • Some Cats Don’t Like Automatic Litter BoxesMost cats will use the automatic litter box just like they use their normal litter box. Some cats, however, take a while to adjust. Some don’t like the weird sounds the automatic litter box makes. Other cats don’t like the smell. Some cats will refuse to use it for some reason you’ll never know.

4. What should you do before purchasing an automatic litter box?

Automatic litter boxes can be both good and bad for your cat. So before spending a lot of money for one you need to consider several factors.

Automatic litter boxes live to do one thing – clean up after your kitty’s visits to the box. Around the clock, they scoop and clean the litter bed removing waste and leaving the pan fresh for the next call of nature. The most obvious benefit of a self cleaning box is in the time saved.

  • SIZE: Litter boxes are made in a variety of space-saving shapes to minimize their presence, but research shows, and most cat owners will agree on, one thing: the larger the box the better. Both the Jumbo Open Litter Pan and the Jumbo Hi-Back Hooded Litter Pan are oversized litter pans that fit the largest of cats.
  • COLORS: Litter boxes come in choices of decorator colors, or soft earth tones so they blend in with your décor. The discreet, attractive design of the rattan litter pan cover looks great in any room.
  • HOODS: Hooded litter boxes afford your cat privacy, help prevent the accidental spread of waste and urine, and help control odor.
  • CLEANING: Built-in cleaning mechanisms, both manual and automatic, make waste removal easier and extend the life of litter. Litter Box actually cleans itself and deposits the waste in a disposable container that you remove, empty, and rinse. It’s a healthy alternative that minimizes handling.
  • LITTER: New varieties of litter, which come in a range of textures and materials, and litter odor treatments, are earning cat approval in homes across the country.
  • ODOR CONTROL: Effective odor control products can create barriers to prevent the growth of odor in the litter box, and even draw pungent odors from the air around it. Stink Free Litter Box Spray helps destroy offensive litter box smells with a convenient spray.

5. Best Automatic Litter Box For Multiple Cats

  • Littermaid LM980

Let the littermaid LM980 do dirty work for you with durable system and easy clean to remove will rake it’s larger enough that cats won’t have problem to using it and high walls keep everything contained ist design for multicast household and the safety bar stop the rake if its blocked. However it does get stop periodically.

  • Petsafe Simply Cleaning

Petsafe Simply Cleaning as a quiet an inning operation that continuously rotates at a slow pace this  a nice touch that keeps the litter clean and tends to jam less than other styles but it winds up using more electricity no tools are required for assembly and it wont scare or disturb cats but it is best for cats under 12 pounds

  • Cat Genie

With the cat genie you never have to change your flush litter again it automatically washes sanitizers and tries itself without requiring cat litter instead it uses a reuseable washable little I granule this is an eco-friendly product that features sleep timer settings and comes with 2-year warranty.

  • Petsafe ScoopeFree

Petsafe ScoopeFree gets rid of that unpleasant odor associated with most litter boxes it automatically rates solid waste into a disposable tray filled with blue crystals that are moisture and the other absorbent it features a 20 minute countdown timer uses 5 to 10 times less litter than clay and each tray lasts two to three weeks.